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IT Techno-Phobes Limited - Business IT Services - IT Support Services In Stourbridge

Business IT Support

IT Techno-Phobes business services:
IT consultations
Onsite or remote access support
Data backup and disaster recovery
Website hosting and design
Desktop migration
Desktop troubleshooting
System tune-ups
Group or one-to-one training
Bespoke database authoring

IT Techno-Phobes - Training


IT Techno-Phobes can deliver valuable IT training as one-to-one or in group sessions.
Whether you need training from scratch or just need to enhance your current abilities we can provide tutoring focused at any level.

IT Techno-Phobes - Repairs And Upgrades

Repairs And Upgrades

IT Techno-Phobes can diagnose, repair or upgrade your IT systems reducing the cost of buying new equipment, with a no fix, no fee guarantee and all replacement parts are covered by a 12 month warranty.

IT Techno-Phobes Limited - Remote Access Support - IT Support Services In Bromsgrove

Remote Access Support

Remote Access Support can be the fastest and most effective IT service without the need for costly and inconvenient onsite visit.
Regular IT maintenance and fault rectification can easily be administered remotely most of the time.

IT Techno-Phobes Limited - Office 365 Logo - IT Support Services In Kidderminster

Office 365 Support

Office 365 is one of the most commonly used platforms in the UK.

IT Techno-Phobes Limited - Database - IT Support Services In Kidderminster

Bespoke Database Authoring

We can design and author a bespoke database to the exact needs of your business.
A database is a computerised system that makes it easy to search, select, store and manipulate information.
Bespoke databases can be used for multiple purposes and can visually be made to look very different.
Normally a database comprises of multiple tables which holds and collects information.
This information can then be sorted, filtered, added and amended using specific queries.
Any information held in the tables can be displayed on screen using customised forms.
Any information held in the tables can be exported to print or files (i.e. Excel) using customised reports.
Any combination of database processes can be linked together using macros.
Special database functions can be integrated using Visual Basic commands.

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